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3 Signs that Your Grandparent Might Need Home Care

3 Signs that Your Grandparent Might Need Home Care

Home care services are mainly provided for the support and management of a person’s activities of daily living in their own abode. While this is typically provided for seniors, other persons with special needs and disabilities can also benefit from home care assistance. However, for this post, we would like to zero in on our aging loved ones.

How do you know that it’s high time for your grandparents to receive Home Care Services in Warren, Michigan? If your aging loved one is living with you, you would know that they have a major preference for their personal independence. They would want to be able to do their daily activities on their own as much as possible. However, the higher their age goes, the more susceptible they are to age-related risks such as falling or malnutrition.

With that, family members are encouraged to be actively looking out for the conditions of their senior loved ones to know if they will need home care assistance, and if they do, to identify which type of service it will be.

To help you out, here are certain signs you should be watching out for:

  1. Poor HygieneDoes your aging loved one show signs of not being able to supervise their own hygiene? They have not taken a bath. Their clothes haven’t been changed. They show a lack of oral care. Hygiene is a very essential aspect of personal wellbeing, and when this is absent, it clearly shows that the person needs help. When you observe this in your senior loved one, you will know that they will need help from providers of In home care in Michigan.
  2. A Decline in Physical and Mental FunctionDoes your aging loved one display obvious difficulty in walking or in making daily decisions? Aging can make these situations happen. While this decline is natural, it also means that prolonged functional changes can usher in further risks of their safety and health. To make their daily activities more manageable, home care providers can be of help.
  3. Neglected HomeDoes your aging loved one’s home appear neglected and unsupervised? Their safety and wellness can be greatly at risk when there are plenty of clutters on the floor or when unwashed dishes have piled up on the sink. There must be great reasons why your loved one is unable to attend to these chores. However, this is where home care assistants can be of support to them.

The form of Non Medical Home Care services that your grandparent needs may vary from other seniors their age. However, their care needs still remain to be monitored and supervised if you intend for them to live a quality life. This is where our team at Precious Time Non Medical Home Care Concierge Services, LLC can be of help to you.

To know which types of assistance does your grandparent need, set an appointment with us right away. We’ll be glad to be of help.

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