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Tips: Preventing Falls When Recovering at Home

Tips: Preventing Falls When Recovering at Home

The risks of falling can double for a person who has just been hospitalized. So if your loved one is going to be discharged soon or has just been discharged, it is important to set preventive measures of falling.

As a provider of Non Medical Home Care, we know how crucial a person’s safety is after their hospital stay. So we would like to recommend some tips so you can prevent incidents of fall when your loved one is already recovering at home.

  • Ask About Supplements

    When your loved one is ready for a hospital discharge, talk to the doctor about the possibility of giving supplements to them. In particular, ask if your loved one can take vitamin D supplements. These vitamins can strengthen the bones and promote better balance—ultimately preventing falls.

  • Arrange for Physical Therapy

    Is your loved one’s condition in need of long-term recovery? To prevent the incidents of fall, your loved one may need the help of physical therapists. These therapists can create routines for your loved one so they will regain their physical mobility faster.

  • Ensure Safety at Home

    As your loved one returns home and continues their recovery there, ensure that someone is ready to assist them. You can tap the help of providers of Home Care Services in Warren, Michigan. These care professionals are well-trained in assisting their clients. This way, you can trust that your loved one is safe as they can continue to recover completely.

  • Know their Risks of Falls

    Because your loved one has just been hospitalized, they can still be weaker. This puts them at greater risk of falling, which can lead to serious fractures. When your loved one is a senior patient, the fractures can be even severe. This can lead to further disabilities. Knowing what other risks of falls are in place allows you to remove these from your loved one’s presence.

  • Follow Discharge Instructions

    The doctor has given instructions to care for your loved one in the proper way. Ensure that you or their care provider follows these instructions. Their safety and wellness depend on how much you adhere to these instructions. So if ever you have questions about the discharge plan, it is best to clarify them from the doctor before leaving the hospital.

With our services on in home care in Michigan, we can help you achieve peace of mind as your loved one recovers at home. Our care team is well-trained to handle different home care situations. They are ideal for your loved one recovering from their illness. So if you need our help at Precious Time Non Medical Home Care Concierge Services, LLC, contact us for an appointment. We also accept Medicaid payments to make things more convenient for you.

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