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Seniors Hub: Important Bathroom Safety Checklist

Seniors Hub: Important Bathroom Safety Checklist

The bathroom is one of the most hazardous places in your house. It is where most seniors experience accidents like trips, slips, and falls. Because of that, it is very important for you to make your own bathroom a safer place for your loved one. As the trusted provider of Home Care Services in Warren, Michigan, we have seen the great significance of a secured bathroom environment for the well-being of the senior population. This is why we are providing you with some important tips and advice when it comes to bathroom safety:

  • Keep necessary products accessible

    Seniors are not as flexible as they were during their younger years. This is why you have to keep all products like shampoo and soap within their reach. It is also highly recommended for you to put shelves or storage racks to place all of the body and hair products too!

  • Install safety rails

    This equipment is vital to keep your loved one’s balance and strength. Through grabbing the bars and rails, elders can now easily mobilize around the room. However, you must remember to maintain nonslip safety rails and bars by wiping the equipment with a dry towel every after use.

  • Place the right mats

    Remember to place non-slip mats on the floor. This material will help lessen the risk of fall-related accidents within the room. You can also use quick-drying mats in your bathtub or shower area too!

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